Tuning forks Workshop

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Tuning forks Workshop

Tuning forks Workshop l Tune Into Your Natural Rhythms- Welcome to the World Of Tuning Forks

9 Solfeggio Tones to Tune back into your Natural Biorhythms

Welcome to  Tones & FREQUENCIES congratulations on choosing this path of ENERGY MEDICINE (ALTERNATIVE HEALING)

Our body wants to see as physically is propelled by our Energy body ( prana vayu).

When we are born we are completely aligned to our energy body & helps us grow, develop, attract & much more…

The Energy body vibrates on the natural tones & the energy centres ( chakras) help us keep our energy body & physical body in harmony & natural healing

In LIFE as we go in the process of living & survival we disturb the natural rhythm we start attracting the undesired situation, diseases & even unwanted surroundings

In this 1 month journey you get Hands on Learning

  • Working of the Energy Body
  • Understanding the Solfeggio Tones
  • How to read the Magnetic Blockages
  • Reading for Ancestral Blockages
  • Understanding the working of the Energy
  • Understanding the deeper working of the Energy Centres
  • Reading the Aura & seeing the blockages
  • Learning about sounds & tones
  • Understanding the past blockages through tones & sounds
  • Working on the physical body & understanding the clients energy
  • Working on distant Tuning forks healing session
  • Working on Energy Boards
  • Using Crystals to create deeper healing & release
  • Re-alignment of the Energy body with physical body
  • & much more…

As we believe in practical sessions  TUNING FORKS WORKSHOP, a 4 WEEK ONLINE WORKSHOP ( hands on session)

  1. Learn how to work on clients
  2. Learn Distant healing with tuning forks
  3. Learn healing a client on energy body with Tuning Forks


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