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Tuning Forks Healing

Every heart has a HEALING STORY….every pain has a solution.

Life holds Both a journey of CHALLENGES & SURPRISES, when we get surprises we feel HAPPY, as we get CHALLENGES we feel them as SET BACKS of LIFE.

The ENERGY MECHANICS of our body,  the BIO-FIELD (aura ) gets disturbed & the MAGNETIC FIELD around us drops its natural TONES (FREQUENCY) & the POWER to attract the right VIBRATIONS is lost.

The UNCONSCIOUS hold so many unsaid FEELINGS & stores it on MULTIPLE levels


There are different levels of LANGUAGE

Body Energy Language

Mind Energy Language

Unconscious Energy Language

The Human Mind is designed to Understand only EMOTIONS, as it cannot communicate FEELINGS, the UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS all the +VE reception of LIFE stops.

The BIO-FIELD or the MAGNETIC AURA gets disturbed the Law of Energy magnifies the constant CHALLENGES. Despite our constant use of LOA & LOM we amplify the -VE FREQUENCY more resulting in more challenging situations.

UNCONSCIOUS HEALING is a journey to heal the ELECTROMAGNETIC BIO FIELD, healing is a journey of releasing the UNCONSCIOUS FEELINGS.

1 Hour of reading the BIO-FIELD & healing the ELECTROMAGNETIC field to its natural rhythms.

SOLFEGGIO TONES is a tone of the UNIVERSE SOUNDS which are the NATURAL TONES of our 7 ENERGY CENTRES. The healing session helps heal, align & attune you back to your NATURAL RHYTHMS.




Creating the RELEASE in EXCESS Energies

Balancing your 7 ENERGIES

Re-aligning your 7 ENERGIES

Cleansing your AURA
Realigning your BIO ENERGY FIELD
Your body get's back to the NATURAL TONES, resulting in LIGHTER body & HEALED Energy.

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