Karmic Numerology

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Karmic Numerology


  •  Understanding the Complete Way of giving solutions to clients
  •  Defining the Yearly Calculations of Clients
  •  Colour suggestions & much more……


  1. Mankind has always tried to find ways to live a better life, predict future, improve living & finding happiness.
  2. The CONCEPT of numbers is one of them of knowing yourself better.
  3. We are born on a certain DATE, MONTH & YEAR, that depicts our planets & our physiology & the person we will be.
  4. But has it ever occurred to you that despite 2 people born on the same DATE, MONTH, YEAR & many times even same TIME are still different.
  5. The same numbers play the role differently, so what is the reason behind the same numbers not resulting in the SAME RESULTS.
  6. There is no NUMBER which is GOOD or BAD, Its’ only a MESSAGE you need to DECODE of the SOUL JOURNEY.
  7. So let me help you understand….it’s the KARMA which plays a major role behind the NUMBERS.


  • I have been working with NUMBERS since 2003, in my journey of helping clients find the right results I found how the same numbers created different results for different people.
  • KARMIC NUMEROLOGY, helps you understand the major reasons why the challenges are occurring, what's the KARMA behind, what’s the HIDDEN AGENDA.
  • How can you change the RESULTS even with the same numbers in life. Also understanding why certain people in your life keep repeating as to what is your karma involved & what is the LESSON you need to complete to GET THE BENEFIT from the same numbers you are born with.

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Common DOUBTS:

1. Will I be able to do a CALCULATION myself?
Yes, the workshop is designed in simple language & simple understanding from the GRASS ROOT level to do calculations.

2. Will I be able to do it for CLIENTS?
Yes, there is a complete format of report analysis of how to create reports for your clients.

3. Will I have to change my NAME?
In times where things are already complicated, Womb Stories has simplified the ways you can create results by simple alterations & implementations to get the MOST BENEFITS.

4. How do I charge my Clients?
That's the most common question as PROFESSIONAL we feel, we help you also understand in the workshop how to charge & project yourself to the CLIENT.

5. Can I start PROFESSIONALLY as soon as I complete the WORKSHOP?YES, of course the curriculum has been designed in a simple way that you can start as soon as you complete the workshop.

6. Do I get after WORKSHOP support?
Yes, we help you enhance the learning even after the workshop, the best practices is done in the group, also to have a better understanding of your case study discussion.

Karma, Birth charts & Numbers are all connected with your KARMA

Choose the right numbers to release the past karma & let the same numbers help you generate best results


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