DNA New Age Workshop (6-18 Years)

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DNA New Age Workshop (6-18 Years)

DNA NEW AGE Workshop (6-18 Years)

Aham Brahmasmi DNA IMPRINTING from the Beginning

An ERA full of INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY, yet unanswered Questions in the MINDS as PARENTS

Every parent puts a TRUE EFFORT to bring the BEST POTENTIAL in his/her child.
Despite the EFFORTS, still things look

  • Uncertain
  • Difficult to handle
  • Unclear with option
  • Difficulty in Clarity
  • What is best for your child?

Parents want the BEST for their children, be it


Despite everything, every opportunity & possibility it become like a game of DICE , no matter how much to try hard somethings feels STUCK

Ends up like a TUG OF WAR, between the parents & children.

A Desire to make your child EXCELLENT, PERFECT, LEADER is what keeps your MIND occupied all the time as a parent

Most parents keep over exerting their MINDS to what is the best possibilities to enhance the child's FUTURE

Did you know the reason why the even after knowing so much the CHILDREN are unable to use their potential to the FULLEST
UNCONSCIOUS....Yes you heard it CORRECT

The UNCONSCIOUS is a greater part of our MIND which keeps accessing the surroundings (SOCIAL, PARENTAL, ANCESTRAL), the information storage carried & stored in the DNA.

It becomes a CONSTANT PATTERN of the CHILD, which makes it difficult to break.

As a habit can be changed in 21-40 days by determination.

PATTERNS on the other hand are difficult to SELF IDENTIFY they are SEEDED & DEEP ROOTED...can be coming through  the DNA of Parents, Ancestors, Social etc.

The FILES are always stored in the DNA.

The right age to start is 6years, as the formation of SAMAKARA starts here & the absorption in the DNA  happens to CREATE the best in a child's OVERALL SUCCESS .

Creating LEADERS, The Birth of a STAR

DNA MATRIX NEW AGE is a programme of TAPPING into the UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS of your child's Life, deleting the old programming replacing them with the NEW POSSIBILITIES, a True knowing of "AHAM BRAHMASMI"


If you would like to talk more on the DNA MATRIX NEW AGE (6-21 years)
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